Azaleas and Mountain Tops

Weekends when I don’t work are wonderfully dreamy, slow, and playful. It’s an exquisite feeling to know I don’t have to be anywhere. That feeling frees me to want to do something!

I live on the top of a mountain–albeit a small mountain–but you can see it for miles, sticking up into the night sky. There’s an airport close by that lights up the area.

At night, I can see the lights when I come out of work–although work is about 20 miles away. Someone planted a huge cross on the side of the mountain and covered it with lights, and for a couple of years, that cross was a beacon as I drove home. The lights are gone, but the cross is still there, like a sentinel on the uninhabited side of the mountain.

I moved here after years living in urban areas, and it was something of a shock the first time I saw a herd of deer staring into my windows at me. They were playing in the snow outside my living room.

I bought a bench and a table set for the small patio outside my door, and then I put a couple of big flower pots out there. I put a lilac bush in one and a butterfly bush in the other one. But the butterfly bush bloomed twice last year then expired.

AzaleasSo today, after worship, I came home and replanted azaleas in that pot–after I added some mulch and organic matter for food. Azaleas are awesome plants–they grow almost anywhere and the blooms are glorious.

It’s important to add beauty to your life. God did a great job creating a beautiful, ever-renewing cycle of life, with endless variations and expressions. As His stewards and friends, we’re called to play with Him–to express our own creativity and feelings, in both Symphony and Life Song…


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