Have We Forgotten to Ask?

The New York Times today ran the fifth article in a series on Newark NJ, and its mayor’s first year in office. The current mayor, Cory A. Booker has attempted, since he was inaugurated in July, 2006, to curb the tide of crime-related violence and murder in the city. He’s enlisted the help of a team of law enforcement experts, and initiated a massive effort to address the problem.

But crime in Newark is institutionalized–from the previous mayor to the citizens of its neighborhoods, the city’s inhabitants have condoned and even embraced crime with a passion that threatens to destroy the city from the inside out.

If ever there was a need for God’s help with an intractable problem, it’s now, in Newark, NJ. And the situation is not unique to Newark. Everywhere we look, cities, towns, and countries are being torn apart by violence, crime, and the forces of darkness.

It’s time friends. We who have been called to steward the earth and have accepted the role, must turn to the God who owns it all for help. We can’t fix this one alone. The battle is the Lord’s. Have we all forgotten that?

Everybody. . .will see that the LORD doesn’t need swords or spears to save his people. The LORD always wins his battles, and he will help us defeat [this]. (1 Samuel 17:47)


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