Truth Talkers & Word Walkers . . .

I’ve been praying about honesty lately. As I write this blog, I struggle with just how much of my personal life to expose. It is an intercession blog and not about my life or idiosyncrasies. But it is *my* blog after all, so some of me will always be here, leaking out from behind the words and ideas.

I have a personal compulsion to speak honestly, about whatever I think needs to be said. It’s the Thomas anointing in me. I don’t know how to be a “shut your mouth and go along” kind of woman. I actually work at not saying everything that I’m thinking–to give other folks room to share their ideas, to avoid unnecessarily hurting folks’ feelings, or, by my silence, to end discussions that I can see aren’t going anywhere useful. I prefer silence to “noise” at every level.

But I also believe that I/we co-labor with the Lord. We are stewards of His Kingdom, called and commissioned to creatively exercise the gifts He’s given us, to govern, rule, and build His Kingdom together with Him.

So I speak up when I see the need, using my gift for honesty with wisdom, knowing that He can use my words and actions to heal, to restore, to expose, encourage, admonish, or bring necessary humor to a sensitive situation, and I trust Him to redeem the places where I unnecessarily wound or offend. That’s opens the door for the gifts of forgiveness, mercy, forbearance, and long-suffering kindness to manifest. I’m grateful for the healing those gifts bring to our journeys.

Nevertheless, there is real virtue in speaking the truth in love. Truth heals. Sometimes I speak out to give other folks the room to share their burdens or feelings. If my comment seems “blunt” or outrageously stated, that leaves plenty of room between the reality of the situation and my comment for other folks to risk sharing their own feelings or comments without sounding outrageous or inappropriate.

Most times, speaking honestly about a sensitive topic opens a healing discussion that never would have happened if I hadn’t said anything. Sometimes though, it doesn’t. Speaking honestly is risky. But not dealing honestly with life betrays the relationship covenant we have with each other as believers and fellow pilgrims and makes us objects of scorn and derision to the world.

Jesus gave us every tool we would need to build and victoriously share the Kingdom until He comes. So let’s just cop to our realities, agree to deal honestly with life, and get on with it.

Christ Jesus our Lord was very kind to me. He has greatly blessed my life with faith and love just like his own. “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.” This saying is true, and it can be trusted. I was the worst sinner of all! But since I was worse than anyone else, God had mercy on me and let me be an example of the endless patience of Christ Jesus. He did this so that others would put their faith in Christ and have eternal life. (1 Timothy 1:14-16)


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