It’s Snowing . . .

Winter has come… It started snowing Sunday night, while I was at work. I came out about 11:30pm, to a car covered with wet, slushy snow. On the way home, I stopped to get rock salt–two 25 lb bags and a shaker container, for covering the long row of steps down into my house.

Rock salt is a critical component of our winters here. It doesn’t work in really cold weather. Once the temperature drops below 20 degrees, it’s useless. Which is why the roads get covered with sand and cinders. But it keeps the snow from freezing into solid sheets of ice, as long as the weather holds in the 20’s. As I walked to the house, I salted around the car, along the walk to my steps, and then down those steps, as far as the salt lasted.

Driving home was challenging too. The snow was falling almost horizontally, so I drove into what looked like a “white out” for about 15 miles. In 2000, When I moved here and realized that public transportation did not exist in the area, I bought a car with all-wheel drive. So I have a pretty reliable vehicle. But winters here can put the fear of God into even seasoned drivers, and I am fairly new at the sport. Happily I already have a lively relationship with my God! Driving around in challenging times gives me another opportunity to have long, intense conversations with Him.

My grandmother used to tell me that challenges were good for us. She thought everything was good for us. After particularly horrendous family arguments, she’d shrug her shoulders and say “they keep the blood going.” She was also fond of giving us spoonfuls of caster oil. Grandmom was seriously invested in keeping bodily fluids moving.

Grandmom’s wisdom was probably right for this instance. Winter’s challenges keep my mind alert and my eyes focused on the roads–at least while I’m driving or coming down the steps.


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