Healings . . .

cw07webmini.jpgSaturday night was special this week. My cousin, her girls, and I went to Christmas Wonderland, the annual Christmas presentation by my faith community, Christian Life Assembly. It was awesome. Every year there is a new story, new players, new sets and costumes, and a new spin on the story of Christmas–Jesus’ birth. This year’s performance was flawlessly directed and produced! Its plot line is the story of a family and child struggling with opening their hearts to the real meaning of Christmas. But the awesome part for me was that the theme of their struggle was “Christmas is all about me.”

As you could tell from my previous posts, I have issues with folks who pursue a “the whole world revolves around me and my needs” focus. This drama took that struggle on head first, but did it in a very joyful, funny, and insightful way, without beating folks over the head for their self-absorbed lives–effectively and exquisitely!

We all cried through most of the performance. OK, we cried at different places, but the point is, this presentation led all kinds of folks to rethink their priorities for Christmas. Isn’t that awesome?

I ordered the DVD, for the first time ever (to give to my cousin’s kids), and yeh, I’m rethinking my attitudes about Christmas celebrations too.


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