Christmas in the Ice Forest . . .


ice-pa2.jpgAmazing scenery, dangerous roads, no power, no sound…that pretty much says it all this weekend… Central Pennsylvania got hit with its first major ice storm Saturday.  Across the state, whole counties are powerless, waterless, and silent…


The mountain has been dark since Saturday. Sometime during the night, there was a loud boom, the sound of the forest, crackling, then complete darkness and silence.

 I called the electric utility, PPL, who said they could no longer handle the volume of calls they were getting, and would we call back “later.” When I called later, I got a 1-900 chat line, asking me if I wanted to talk…<sigh>

I called PPL today and a customer service representative told me it will be sometime Wednesday night before the mountain gets any power. That means I have to clean out the freezer and refrigerator tonight and put the whole mess out for the trash guys to pick up when they come by on Wednesday morning. No sense to eating decaying food… Food poisoning is worse than no power, system wise!

But the landscape is awesomely beautiful, and there is a guardian angel in my neighborhood who is salting my steps for me and cleaning the snow and ice away from the walkways.  I suspect my neighbors, a couple from Ohio with awesome but hermit hearts. I rarely see them, but they’ve been there when I needed their help with landscape issues.

God’s folks are awesome relatives… Father help me be aweome too? 


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