The Joys of a Hot Shower . . .

PPL finally fixed the transformers that took out the mountain’s power–although it took them from Saturday to Wednesday night to do it. There’s nothing that says “discomfort” like trying to sleep or dress in heatless, waterless, powerless, cold, dark places. OK, I’m whining.

My brothers and sisters in war-torn areas of the world experience discomforts I can’t even imagine here in America. And it’s not just folks in other countries that suffer through such indignities. It’s been at least 3 years of disorienting discomfort for some folks in the New Orleans, Mississippi area–displaced after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Families in Oklahoma have been without basic services for two weeks now, following a major ice and snow assault. Missionaries and other folks who spend time in 3rd world conditions experience deprivation routinely. I get all that.

So in some small sense, I’m sharing their struggles by living here on the mountain–where adverse weather conditions wreak havoc with modern power lines regularly. I went onto the Internet, when the power finally came back up, to see what a small, quiet generator might cost. The answer was about $700, plus installation fees and gas to run it. So much for feasibility.

But today for the first time in five days, I could take a hot shower and dry off in comfort. The temperature in the bathroom has reached a balmy 64 degrees! It felt awesome. I’m convinced hot water has healing properties. When it hits my skin, I can feel all my capillaries dance. Hot water wakes my skin up and gets my blood going. Grammy would be proud…


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