Awesome…Inspiring…A Righteous Man . . .

It’s time to lift the tenor a little…maybe a lot. My friends need some encouragement, some inspiration, some reason to feel good about caring for kids half a world away… So here’s some good news…a reason to cheer, to take heart, to rejoice . . .

principalvth190.jpgThere’s a compassionate, smart, tough, and courageous man making a positive difference in the lives of children in the South Bronx! And he’s doing it in the middle of an American war zone…rows of burned out, abandoned houses, poverty, decay, and crime that touches every household; prostitution, drugs, and wholesale violence that strikes out against all its inhabitants, especially its children, its families, the elderly and the vulnerable. The South Bronx is a neighborhood that has become infamous for its darkness. It is a blight on the image America attempts to propagate of itself as prosperous, safe, progressive, smart, and sophisticated. The South Bronx is the darkest side of America’s underbelly.

But I said this was good news, right? OK–keep reading.

Hope has come to the children of the South Bronx–in particular, the children who attend Junior High School 22, (also called Jordan L. Mott Junior High School.) Here read the story for yourselves, and watch the video. See what the Lord has done! And jump, dance, swing, shout for joy, and rejoice; praise our God who will rescue all of us from whatever hopelessness and helplessness we find ourselves caught in . . .


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