Roosting in hazardous places . . .

Killdeer birds have hazardous nesting habits. They prefer ground-level locations, close to human activity–like parking lots! They’re nesting all over the corporate parking lot outside my work site. Sometimes the grounds keepers move the nests. Other times predators, like foxes, close in for a quick lunch.

At night, when I leave to go home, they screech, fly around or, if I come too close to their nests, they pretend to be wounded and limp off dragging a wing, trying to lure me away from the nest. Other times they just hop along beside the car, as if they’re seeing me off.

They are beautiful birds, with gorgeous markings, and docile characters, even when they’re threatened. The only time I’ve ever seen them get aggressive was when a crow decided to fly too close to a nest, and then several of them chased that crow together until he left. They inspire empathy.


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