Spring Weather . . .

I was freezing this morning when I woke up. My thermometers were all reading “60 degrees” so I started whining to the Lord, “I want my heat back!” It’s seriously annoying when they turn the boiler off on some arbitrary date and it’s still cold.

The last time I turned on the old, rusty, non-thermostated baseboard heater by the living room window, it cost me almost $100 for the month and it was still below 60 degrees inside. I won’t do that again. The landlord refused to replace that unit, so I just keep it disconnected. 

But today, by the time I left for work, it was 75 degrees outside. <sigh> Well, at least the temperature difference pays off all summer. I haven’t ever needed to use the dinosaur, energy-challenged air conditioner. (Nope, not even once!)


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