Lord, Teach Us to Pray . . .

Here’s a really awesome message, Building Your Personal House of Prayer, by Larry Kreider, a preacher and evangelist, who spoke recently at Christ Community Church, in Camp Hill PA. It’s really blessing my private times with my Father.

Excerpts from the Message:

Jesus said, This is how you should pray:

Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise!
Give thanks to him; bless his name!
(Psalm 100:4)

12 Rooms in the Lord’s Prayer

  1. The Family Room . . . not “my father”—but Our Father . . .(1 John 3:1)
  2. Adoration Room . . . May Your name be kept holy. . .
  3. Declaration Room . . . May Your Kingdom come. . .
  4. Surrender Room . . . May Your Will Be Done, on earth as it is in heaven
  5. Provision Room . . . Give us each day the food we need
  6. Forgiveness Room . . . Forgive us our sins
  7. Freedom Room . . . As we forgive those who sin against us
  8. Protection Room . . . And don’t let us yield to temptation(Matthew 26:41, Luke 22:40)
  9. Warfare Room . . . Deliver us from the evil one
  10. Kingdom Room . . . For Yours is the kingdom
  11. Power Room . . . And the Power – The Holy Spirit
  12. Exaltation Room . . . and the Glory for ever. Amen (Revelation 7:12)

Amen! Praise and glory,
and wisdom and thanksgiving,
and honor and power and strength
be to our God for ever and ever. Amen!”
(Revelation 7:12)

When you come before God, don’t turn that into a theatrical production . . . All these people making a regular show out of their prayers, hoping for stardom! Do you think God sits in a box seat? Here’s what I want you to do: Find a quiet, secluded place so you won’t be tempted to role-play before God. Just be there as simply and honestly as you can manage. The world is full of so-called prayer warriors who are prayer-ignorant. They’re full of formulas and programs and advice, peddling techniques for getting what you want from God.

Don’t fall for that nonsense. This is your Father you are dealing with, and he knows better than you what you need. With a God like this loving you, you can pray very simply. Like this:

Our Father in heaven, Reveal who you are. Set the world right; Do what’s best– as above, so below.

Keep us alive with three square meals. Keep us forgiven with you and forgiving others. Keep us safe from ourselves and the Devil. You’re in charge! You can do anything you want! You’re ablaze in beauty! Yes. Yes. Yes.

In prayer there is a connection between what God does and what you do. You can’t get forgiveness from God . . . without also forgiving others. If you refuse to do your part, you cut yourself off from God’s part. (Matthew 6:4-15 The Message)


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