Phoenix Rising . . .

David C. Goodspeed, M.D.

David C. Goodspeed, M.D.

Sometimes God rescues us by sending us help and healing through the hands-on skills of his faithful servants.

January 28th, in the middle of a winter ice storm, on the way to work, I had an auto accident. A tractor trailer driver in front of me moved into the right lane on 83N, just before the York Split, cutting off another semi, then immediately swerved back into my lane without signaling. Maybe he didn’t see me–maybe he never looked.

When I braked to avoid plowing into the truck, my trusty Subaru–with all-wheel drive and anti-lock brakes–slid, skidded, and swerved into the barrier in the middle of the highway.

I was only going about 35-40mph, but the impact shattered the top of my tibia (tibia plateau fracture), and the seatbelt wrenched my head, neck, and sternum. My glasses flew into the back seat, but the impact only damaged my front bumper, fender, and grill.

The car’s already repaired but I’m cooling my jets for 3 1/2 months in a local rehab center after 10 days in Hershey Medical’s Ortho Trauma unit.

My Orthopaedic surgeon, David Goodspeed MD, did an awesome job–after making me wait 5 days–putting  my leg back together again–we argued about the swelling, and what appeared to him to be a bone infection, but was actually stasis dermatitis from an old, botched ankle fusion.

Dr Goodspeed has awesome skills and a great heart too.  He spent a year in Iraq recently, putting Iraqi soldiers back together again. (I told him he was a great mechanic!) Heros are not so easy to find–but our forever faithful Father brings them into our lives when we need them!


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