Welcome Home . . .

Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his faithful ones. (NRSV) (Psalm 116:15)

When they arrive at the gates of death, God welcomes those who love him. (Message) (Psalm 116:15)

A woman from the Center went home yesterday. I was moved by the way staff took care of her. They spent hours giving her individual care and attention. No matter how emaciated or listless she became in her final weeks, they tenderly washed, dressed, fed, and socialized with her. They even dressed her in her prettiest clothes and wheeled her out to sit with them at the nurses’ station.

I’m happily  surprised at the quality of care here. After years of researching and reporting managed care issues, I had some real trepidations about what would happen once I was on the receiving end of “custodial care” treatment.

I don’t think those fears are ultimately groundless though. The healthcare field is one of the US recession’s two booming industries. The other one is government. And because this economic failure is predicted to negatively impact the US for decades to come, healthcare budgets, resources, and workers will be significantly challenged.

With the majority of the baby boomer generation projected to retire by 2012, and future working generations reduced by aggressive family planning trends like massive abortion & birth control availability, the generation that initiated Roe vs Wade may experience the dark rewards of that decision. The movie Soylent Green suddenly feels eerily prophetic . . .


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