It’s Hot . . .


Our Dogwood and Cherry Trees blossomed yesterday. Small wonder–they think it’s past time! It’s been seriously hot all week. Temperatures have been ranging between 84 F and 97.7 F across the state. Here it’s averaging 90 degrees. It’s been a period of weird weather changes–last Monday it was 38 F and overcast, then it rained for 4 days! I have all the windows open, the heat and dehumidifier off, and I’m staying in the shade.

My cousin called to say her flat-roof house is really uncomfortably hot already. I asked her if she had considered putting on a double roof. The technology creates a space between the roofs, which acts like insulation, to keep the house cool in the Summer or warm in the winter. She asked me to look for examples on the Web. The Web is an awesome tool!

I googled and googled until I found examples. Most of them are in Asia, but Northern US environmentalists and more frugal types have been using the technology to save on fuel and cooling costs for decades. I found one good US  link.

So now I’m whining about the heat? Not really–just commenting for my friend in Nairobi, in case her parents haven’t already!


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  1. Heh…my parents said that in the space of 48 hours they went from using the heat pump for heat to using it for cooling. Here? mid-70’s, chance of rain. Just like always!