Breakfast and The Squirrel in the Bird Feeder

The chubby, furry bandit stared back, through the kitchen window at me as I sat enjoying my breakfast coffee. Then he scurried down onto the sunflower seed container, scooped out a paw full of sunflower seeds, and nibbled on them, defiantly. I reached over and opened the window. That sent his tiny thievin’ legs into overdrive. He dropped the seeds and bolted across the lawn! YESSS!

So now the birdfeeder is on a pole–a squirrel-proof pole. But it hasn’t stopped him from trying to get to the seeds. Today he settled for a plunge in the bird bath. I keep trying to remember God made both of us to share his creation–that squirrel has as much right to those sunflower seeds as the birds do–just not on my watch!

There’s a more aggressive ferral cat with black and white markings that stalks the birds from behind bushes along the house. Judging by the red and brown feathers around the yard, he won’t be hungry anytime soon. I know it’s a “he” because he scents the bushes at my kitchen window.

Mother’s Day afternoon, I saw a short-eared owl, perched on top of the neighbors’ feeder. That one stayed for about 20 minutes before going off in search of more productive hunting grounds.

This place is beginning to feel like home.


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