Funnel Cakes & Summer Haze . . .

30838funnel cakeCan you feel it? Summer is winding down. The corn and soybean fields are ripe, and peaches are on their last iteration. The wind direction has changed too. The only signs of summer these days are the yummy foods at local barbecues and country fairs. My personal favorite is funnel cake.

Funnel cakes are a summer staple at Pennsylvania’s Amish and Mennonite fairs. They are made with a pot of hot oil, a huge funnel, batter, and powdered sugar.

Vendors pour the batter out of the funnel bottom, into the vat of hot oil, then, when it has turned brown and crispy, they fish it out, drain it on paper, and shake powdered sugar all over the top. Seriously scrumptious!

There are variations–chocolate chips, chocolate batter, sugar glaze, crumbles, etc.  Any topping you can put on a cake, doughnut, or pie can go on the funnel cake. I don’t care for the variations.

There’s something comforting about munching on a hot, crispy, generously powdered funnel cake in August and September. It’s like spending Labor Day weekend with a summer boyfriend–sweet, melancholy, and satisfying . . .


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