Summer’s Over . . .

Labor day weekend has passed, school has started, the soy bean fields are turning yellow, and the corn fields are dry, brown, and in the process of being cut down. Farmers are storing corn in their silos for the winter, and the cows in our fields are lying around, or standing hunched over, their bellies getting heavier by the day. They’re pregnant.

original_supercell (Large)Not all the farms in the area are ready for harvest. Some of them, devastated by August’s tornado-force storms, are struggling to rebuild before the winter sets in.

Friends from my Faith Community, led by Curt and Vi Nissly, along with volunteers from Bethel Assembly of God Church in Carlisle PA, will gather on September 26th, @ 8am for a clean-up and barn-raising day at the home and farm of a local family whose farm suffered widespread damage from the storm.

According to my disaster-recovery friend Curt, who’s been out there assessing the damage and making a list of what needs to be done, here’s what the crew will do that day

  • remove damaged fences and install new fencing
  • cut up and remove downed trees and debris
  • mow the grass
  • move straw and demolish damaged parts of barn
  • install an underground powerline to pump house

Curt has also made a list of tools for the men to bring.

  • chainsaws
  • wirecutters
  • gloves
  • digging irons
  • shovels
  • post hole shovels
  • lawnmowers
  • pitchforks

This gathering is all about helping someone in need–someone *else* in need! The men will work until the job is done, and the women will cook, feed, socialize with, and clean up after whoever comes.

No church ‘pre-authorization’ or ‘approval,’ no press, no glory, no glad-handing, no power-brokering—just honest sweat, labor, dirt, clean up, food, and fellowship–a group of real disciples, doing what needs to be done for a neighbor, because Jesus asked them to do it. It will be a blessed time!

If you’re in the neighborhood, come by and lend a hand!

Saturday September 26, 2009

8am until we’re finished!–(Lunch is free!)




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