A New Knee . . .

This year is turning into one continuous trauma! After some encouragement from my wonderful medical team, especially my orthopedist, I spent this last week in rehab, recovering from a total knee replacement. I have at least one more week to go, and then I’ll go home and come back three times a week for outpatient rehab.

This time I chose a really awesome rehab hospital, HealthSouth–everything ‘Golden Living’ never was–professional, respectful, competent, comprehensive, patient-friendly, challenging–Health South is, in spades! The only ‘negative’ is the mandatory ‘no-salt, no-sugar, no-fat, no-cholesterol, no-taste’ diet–it sucks big time!

All This  ‘down time’ has me slowly reading a great book–Bill Johnson’s Release the Power of Jesus. It’s a really helpful, comprehensive examination of real-life discipleship. Our Sunday evening small group is using it as a study book.

I have two small groups now–a hands-on mission project group, and a regular, Sunday evening fellowship group. Both groups are full of awesome, hands-on disciples, walking out the opportunities the Holy Spirit presents to them. One was founded to bring water to drought-stricken areas of East Africa, and the other one takes on local healing, restoring, and helping projects as they come to our attention.

Both groups take Jesus’ mandates to heal, restore, deliver, and serve seriously-they’re actively walking the talk. I feel safe with them. On the other hand, I’m not walking anywhere right now. So I lay or sit in bed, reading Bill’s book slowly–between physical therapy sessions, Vicadin-induced naps, and bouts with post-op pain and swelling. Pray with me, OK? Every good thing costs . . .l


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