Yes, It’s Still Snowing!

Here’s an adult German Shepherd trying to play with a soccer ball today! Poor dawgie. Photos from the region show drifts and blockages up to 4 feet high!

I drove home last night from work before the roads were cleared–at 20 mph. There’s nothing like really hazardous road conditions to keep me in the moment! The experience was fleetingly beautiful–being seriously attentive heightened the beauty and majesty of every scene, every snowflake falling, and every encounter.

I passed under an old railroad bridge, just as a freight train was rumbling past overhead, and was suddenly swept up into an old-world travel moment–as if I were in an East-European vintage movie. That moment passed quickly, and I drove slowly up the last hill to my house.

My neighbor came out to talk–she was probably waiting for me to come home. All the lights in her house and yard were on. Her grandsons came down in their fatigue pajamas to say hello, and left giggling.

I really love those kids. They ask the most searching, personal questions. I love kids who are seriously curious and transparent about everything. It’s a precious quality that many adults have foolishly abandoned. Adults need to recapture that gift–it would make them happier. It would certainly be easier for me to interact with them. I can trust people who are transparently honest. <sigh>

Here are some more pictures!


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