Speaking Light into the Darkness . . .

I’ve been feeling bogged down lately–pretty much since mid-November. It’s probably just reality manifesting in the aftermath of all last year’s trauma. I haven’t been as buoyant, nor as impervious to challenges as I usually am.

We all have these times. I get that. And I don’t want to make an issue of what most folks consider normal ups and downs. But I’ve come to the end of tolerating the darkness. I want things to change. I want strife to stop.I want evil to loose its hold on His people.

I want folks to remember how to be honest and transparent about themselves. I want the backbiting, backstabbing, lying, ‘lynching’, and trash-talking to cease. I want pretense, dissembling, and  arrogance to crumble like bad plaster, after an earthquake. I want forgiveness and repentance to burst forth from ‘born-again’ hearts long barren and cold. I want sightless, blank eyes to shift from glorying in darkness to embracing the light. I want freedom for the captives, and deliverance for the oppressed. I want mutual respect and honor to reinvigorate relationships long dead through mutual sin, contempt, and violence.

I want believers to live in the fullness of Grace, in peace, understanding, mercy, forgiveness, and  joy–together, rather than biting and crawling  over each other in darkness, an embarrassment to all of Heaven’s Power and Presence, and I want it now! In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

Is anyone else feeling the need to change things?


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