Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day!  We’ve had a glorious week–sunshine, cool breezes, low humidity–everything Pennsylvanians appreciate in a Summer season. The entire season so far has been very  comfortable.

The corn is already shoulder-high; green, lush, and standing tall in the sunlight. All the snow and rain this winter has blessed our crops. The Soybean fields are bushy, deep green, and about shin-high. Summer wheat has already been harvested, the alfalfa has been cut and bound into bales, and even the straw from the wheat crops is standing in wheel-bails, waiting for transport trucks. Pennsylvania is having a banner crop season.

Personally I’m waiting for the tomatoes and peaches, especially the peaches. Each juicy mouthful of ripe, sweet peach, with its juices dripping down my arm as I bite into it  helps me remember why God created Summer! Thank you Father!


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