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With apologies to Pastor Jon & Alicia, I decided to post his latest update here, so all of you who are praying with us could read his accounts first-hand. Notice, he has also set up his own blog, for those who do not have access to his site on Facebook!

Hello everyone!  Sorry I have not written in a while.  My internet has been up and down at my house so I have been trying to update Facebook as often as possible, but I know many of you don’t have Facebook.  My friend helped me create a website, Feel free to go there and when I make updates on Facebook those will go to that website as well.  When I am not able to get to my Outlook, that is the best way to check up on where I am at.

I have been so encouraged by the faithfulness of prayers going up each and every day from you.  I cannot tell you how wonderful that is.  When I have had days where my own strength could not carry me, I could feel the prayers from around the world and that helped me so much.  I love you all and appreciate you going to battle with me.  We will see my healing!  Doctors are trying with medicine to get me into CR complete remission.  With God’s help that shouldn’t be too tough!!!

I have not lost my hair yet, but they are saying it is going to happen around 2 ½ weeks after my first round of Chemo.  So just before going in to my second treatment, I’ll be a stylish bald guy!

Here are a few things I have learned from my Doctors about what I have.

One: there has been a rise in Follicular Lymphomas over the past few years.  They don’t know where it comes from but think it has something to do with the water supply and herbicides.  They are shooting in the dark though.

Two: The average person who get’s Follicular Lymphoma gets it again after 2 ½ to 3 years after the first treatment, even if it goes into complete remission.

Three: While the average reoccurrence is the time I stated, with the treatment I am getting they are seeing much longer spans of time between relapses. (Some people go 10-20 years before it comes back)

Four: according to Doctors, there is no cure for this yet.  (But I believe the report of the Lord!)

Five: A few years ago, there were NO cures for lymphomas.  Now, several lymphomas are classified as curable and never return.  Lymphomas, breast cancer and leukemia’s have had the greatest breakthroughs in the past few years and Doctors are hopeful that in my lifetime a cure for Follicular Lymphoma will be found.

Six: I can only receive the treatment that I am getting one time in my life.  A person’s body can only take so much of one of the drugs they are giving me in their lifetime before it starts damaging their heart.  So if it comes back other methods of treating the disease will have to be discussed.

Seven: Cancer is not a death sentence (This is what I have learned, Doctors didn’t tell me this)  It is a life sentence.  It forces you to live life the way God wants EVERYONE to live!  I am eating better, will be exercising more, loving harder, and going after God stronger than ever before.  My prayer is that each of you live your life this way NOW and not wait until something like this happens to you.  God loves each of you so much!  He is yearning to have an intimate relationship with each of you like you wouldn’t believe.  He is using this situation to bring Glory to Him and I LOVE IT!  Everything on this earth really is meaningless, but a relationship with God is something Cancer can’t touch.  This is my dress rehearsal to eternity and I want to learn everything I can.

Alicia and the Kids are doing great!  Please don’t forget to pray for them as they battle this with me side by side!

I love you all and thank you all for your prayers!

Pastor Jon

Children’s Pastor

(717) 635-7222



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