Ponderment . . .

I’m tooling through Walmart, past the movie DVD’s, the CDs, and HD TV’s, and around a circular counter display of myriad small, black, shiny, rectangular things… “Mobile Communication and Entertainment Devices”, in uniform rows–prices, descriptions, platforms, alpha-numeric pads… so many choices, so much technology — every electronic option — to play music on, plug into, talk into, tap into, or text into… I think about the possible uses; the number is unnerving

Who said we needed to hot-wire every waking moment of our lives?

Who decided we should plug up all our orifices with noise or sensation?

What we we trying to block out or drown out?

Isn’t Creation enough?

Aren’t people much more interesting to eavesdrop on

than amorphous sounds, throbbing against our already-compromised ear drums?

Our God-created, complex, dynamic, ever evolving earth awaits just outside our somatically-induced indifference,

waiting to be discovered, waiting to be encountered, waiting to interact with us,

Just the other side of our surround-sound, numbed coma.

This culturally-endorsed addiction to electronically-stimulated narcissistic cocooning as stress reliever is a claustrophobic nightmare…

I move quickly away from the counter, down the aisle and out the door, sucking in big gulps of the night air.

I open the car door and sit there, with my windows rolled down, in the parking lot, listening to people walking past me, talking, laughing, arguing…

Thank you Father.


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