Spring 2012

This May begins another chapter in my life. I’ve left behind some friends, a tiny, uber-landlord-monitored, private-home, basement apartment, in exchange for civilization, personal privacy, and a community-style apartment complex. It’s an awesome swap! For the first time in three years, I don’t have to worry that the landlord will regularly come into my apartment uninvited. The 24-hr-notice policy is actually enforced here!

Some things have come with me–a living room full of packed boxes, my computer, and a few recalcitrant old habits. I’ve got to lose some of those old habits. But it’s wonderful to talk to neighbors, hear children’s voices, and see people walking and cleaning up after their pets! We even have a pool and lots of shaded walking paths!

But for now, I’m trying to get all those boxes unpacked or given to the Salvation Army. (They will pick them up!)





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