Anatomy of a Design Impulse

It was bound to happen… Piece by piece, the areas of my life have been making it into my blog. I started out talking about prayer, but the discussion threads have become as much about the twists and turns of my life’s journey as about intercession. This thread is about my jewelry designs.

I design (and sometimes sell) custom jewelry–necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches, and anything else that strikes my design fancy. I started doing it because I wanted to wear jewelry I could not afford to buy. On request, I added items for friends and family, like bridesmaids’ trinkets, wedding favors, family birthday and holiday gifts, and the list expanded from there.

Over the years, my style has evolved, as my skills improved, and my sensibilities changed. Today, I’m into collaborations, using materials from other artisans, and experimenting with colors, metals, natural sources, stones, and crystal beads.

Some of my current favorite materials are Kazuri Beads, from women in Kenya, Africa, and the paper beads from Beads of Hope Africa, made by women in Uganda, Africa. I believe that our world has become a global village, and that we will all be happier and more prosperous when we work together to grow our economies.


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